Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Landscaping a slope in shade and sun.

This home owner had a steep slope under a large shade tree that was hard to grow grass under and the little grass that did grow was difficult to mow. Stone terracing was installed to add planting space. In the place of sparse grass I planted a variety of low growing plants that would add color interest and at the same time allow for seasonal color if the home owner desired. Low spreading azaleas add spring color from flowers and fall and winter interest with foliage that turns purple. Blue was added with spreading evergreens. Coral bells add warm season purple foliage that contrast well with the lime green of spirea and the bright yellow of Daylily Happy Returns Stella and Knock out Rose on the sunny side. Variegated plants such as Ivy, Liriope, and Hosta are placed throughout. With just the perennial plants in this bed, the garden would look great. With the addition of a few seasonal annuals this planting will really shine.

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